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To begin our series of film events, the chosen topic is England. Seen from multiple perspectives and set in a variety of historical periods, each film focuses on how the idea of NATION has been imagined by writers, directors and actors. The genres include comedies, historical novels, romantic stories, pop culture and the war. Have a look at the list and let us know which ones you would like to watch.
All films will be shown in English with Italian subtitles to aid comprehension. An introduction to the film and a discussion afterwards are planned.

-The Remains of the Day: 1993 Dir. Merchant Ivory
-Four Weddings and a Funeral: 1994 Dir. Mike Newell
-The Full Monty : 1997 Dir. Peter Cattaneo
-East is East: 1999 Dir. Damien O’Donnell
-Hope and Glory: 1987 Dir. John Boorman
-Chariots of Fire:1981 Dir. David Puttnam
-A Passage to India: 1984 Dir. David Lean
-Local Hero: 1983 Dir. Bill Forsythe
-The Wind that Shakes the Barley: 2006 Dir. Ken Loach
-The King’s Speech: 2010 Dir. Tom Hooper

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